22nd Sunday of the year, 2020

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Dear Friends in Christ,

 As our children return to school this week, and for many the first time since last March, there still may be a certain amount of apprehension about the ongoing Covid 19. Obviously, these are uncertain times for everyone, and we are all trying our best to regain some semblance of normality in our lives. Education is so very important for our children, and they have already lost several months of vital learning. Manifestly, it is going to take some time to get back all the lost learning. I ask all our parents to trust your schools, headteachers and staff to have your children’s best interests at heart, and they will do everything to ensure their health and safety. I would like to welcome back our Headteacher, Staff and chidlren to St. John Fisher Primary School this week. This has been a very unsusual year for everyone; and the education of our chidlren is now the main concern. There will a lot of work over these next months.  Also congratulations to our A Level and GCSE young people. As they also return to School, and begin their Universities. We wish the best of luck as they continue their education during these difficult times.


    Likewise, in returning to school, I would also appeal to our parishioners, especially families, to seriously consider returning to Weekly Mass. It has been very noticeable that very few families have returned to the practice of their faith, even though we resumed regular Weekly Mass from the 4th July. All the Governmental & Diocesan guidelines are in place with regards social distancing and sanitation of our Church after ever Service. Your health and safety is our main concern. We do ask all our parishioners to kindly wear face coverings during Mass. I know this is inconvenient, but this not only protects you, but also others as well. If you feel that your beginning to display symptoms, and feeling unwell, most certainly STAY AT HOME! Testing is free on the NHS. As we’re about to enter the Autumn and Winter seasons, when colds and flu are prevalent, it’s vital that we all keep safe and well.


    Sadly, as I mentioned last week, walking up the High Street, I have personally witnessed the lack of Social distancing, non-wearing of face coverings. We’re not invincible, and if you’ve had Covid 19, you know it is quite unpleasant and can be life threatening for some. Keep safe and well!

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