Parish Pastoral Council






The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is in place to facilitate the active participation and
collaboration of all parishioners in supporting and developing the life, worship and witness of the parish community, building up the Body of Christ and fostering pastoral and missionary action, as well as working with, supporting and advising the parish priest in his responsibilities.

Although the PPC has no executive authority, and any votes taken are consultative,
participation in the PPC should be seen as an opportunity to play a responsible role in
discerning and implementing the way forward for the parish in partnership with the parish priest who will always give full consideration to the views expressed.

The membership of the PPC is made up of two ex-officio members who are the Secretary
and the Parish Treasurer, as well as a total of twelve further members with up to eight
appointed members and the rest elected from the parish. The length of tenure is three
years with the option of a further three years before stepping down. A chair is elected from within the membership. The parish priest, however, presides over the PPC as he is
ultimately responsible for calling the meeting, he should normally be present, and no final decisions can be made without his ratification.

The PPC meets four times a year, although extra meetings may be called to discuss a
particular matter of importance.

The focus of the meetings is on pastoral issues, and a key focus is the Stewards of the
Gospel Diocesan initiative.
1 st January 2018

Council Meeting Dates 2017

  • Monday 29th January,
  • Monday 16th April,
  • Monday 2nd July,
  • Monday 1st October

Current Members

  • Father John Harvey – Parish Priest
  • Leona Foster – Chairman
  • Carlos Comacho
  • Mark Poulter
  • Ferdi Tisi
  • Christine Burrowes
  • Stephen Richards
  • Agnieseka Perushamov