21st Sunday of the Year 2020

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Dear Friends in Christ
18thsunday2020(1)Once again it was really heartening to see so many of our parishioners slowly
returning to Sunday Mass. As people are getting a little more confident about
going out, I would encourage all our parishioners to seriously think about your
lives of faith. The one thing this pandemic has taught us is that without God we’re nothing. As families have spent a lot of time together during lockdown, it’s given us the opportunity to reflect on what truly matters in life. Family will always top the list. Health – obviously with so many people getting sick this year, and continuing to do so, everyone needs to take seriously the implications and consequences of this pandemic. We need to protect ourselves, but we also need to protect each other. The one thing that has really saddened me personally is that I truly believed that this pandemic would have focused most people’s lives of faith; I’ve spoken to many priests at home and abroad, and we have concurred that for many, sadly faith hasn’t played any part in this pandemic. This is a real tragedy!

21st sunday 20 (1)I personally haven’t been out a lot over the past five months; but I was really shocked this week to witness for myself the lack of social distancing taking place in our high street; in restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets, etc; and even the ignoring of wearing a face coverings. None of us are invincible; all the Covid deaths have shown us that. At the Church we have adhered to all the Governmental & Diocesan guidelines; our main objective is to keep everyone safe & healthy. But if this doesn’t continue outside of the church, then we should not be surprised with a second wave in the autumn and winter. My observations over the past weeks are that you’re probably safer at Church than on the High Street. As people slowly resume their daily lives and routines, it is also imperative that the faithful people of God get back to the regular practice of faith.
Please wash your hands before coming to Church. Use the sanitisers available, wear your face covering, and follow the direction of the Stewards to maintain social distancing. Families can sit together in their bubble.
Keep safe & well!

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