Returning to the Practice of the Roman Catholic Faith

COMING HOME’ – LANDINGS: – is a programme to help those who have been away from the Church for a long time to slowly and gradually reintegrate back into the regular practice of faith. In the New Year of 2019 the Parish will initiate the opportunity for those who have been away to come to very informal meetings run by Catechists and Fr John to help each person recognise their own rightful place in the life of faith and the Church. Each one of us has so much to offer, and we should never underestimate what Almighty God can do in, and through us!

Landings is a place of compassionate listening. The group listens respectfully and without judgement to one-another’s faith story and reflections on the theme, viewing each as something uniquely personal and sacred. Participants are invited to be honest and open about struggles with their faith.  Participants are asked to share only what they feel comfortable sharing. Listeners are bound by confidentiality to promote sharing. Landings doesn’t attempt to ‘fix’ problems. Those with particular issues are invited to consult with specialised professionals – counsellors, priests, religious – who can help with specific needs.


I’m sure we all have vivid memories of coming to Church with our parents when we were young; being prepared for First Holy Communion, & Confirmation. For the most part, these are good memories! The gathering together for the Eucharist on a Sunday Morning is still the main event in the life of the Roman Catholic. Participating in the mass is central to being Catholic. For some people, they may have got out of the practice of faith; others may have had a bad experience in life which turned them away from the Church, others may have lost a loved one and feel angry with God; whatever the reason we are not here to judge! We are here to love, encourage, support, help and listen. Sometimes people just want to be heard!

If you, or anyone you know, a family member, friend or colleague, has been away from the regular practice of their faith for a long time, please tell them about this programme. Hopefully this little message is just one way that God might be ‘Calling you Home!’ What more beautiful occasion than Christmas to feel the real beauty of God’s love for us in sending us his Son, Jesus Christ. In the innocence of the Christ-child God entered our world and he desperately wants each one of us to be part of his!

Even if you feel nervous or afraid to come back to Church, just ask the Holy Spirit for the strength & courage to make this bold move, you won’t regret it! For some, you may wish to speak to a Catechist or Fr John in advance of returning; this is also important. There may be issues that you wish to speak privately about. A compassionate and open door will be waiting for you.

2019 is a New Year. This may be your Special Year, for all sorts of reasons! Please consider all that has been shared in this little bulletin. This may be a New Beginning for you, and your family!

Returning to the Practice of the Roman Catholic Faith

If you would like to speak to the Parish Priest, Fr John Harvey, he is always available at the Presbytery Tel No: 020 8508 3492. E.Mail Your meeting will always be treated with the utmost respect and confidence!

If you would like to talk to one of our Lay Catechists and Leaders,

Maureen Perry,

Mark Poulter,

Kathryn Poulter

Aidan Potter,

Mark Anthony,

Anna Zajda,

The Parish produces a Weekly Newsletter, which provides information about the life of faith, and also what is going on in the life of the Parish. These are always available in the Porch of the Church.

The Parish Website is kept up to date with current Newsletter and relevant information.

Landings UK. Fr. Dominic Robinson SJ

LANDINGS MEETING: If you, or anyone you know would like to come along to the first of these informal meetings, please let people know as soon as possible. We will meet in the Parish Retreat, which is above the Parish Hall, on Wednesday 30th January 2019 at 7.30pm Tea & Coffee will be provided.