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Rev Canon John Harvey is responsible for the pastoral care of the parish of St. Edmund of Canterbury and St. Thomas More, Loughton.

Tel: 020 8508 3492

Email: loughton@dioceseofbrentwood.org

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Ways to Make Our Weekly Offering

Dear Parishioners, this evening our first mass of Sunday starts at 6pm and tomorrow Sunday Mass will be at 10am. We can make our Weekly Offering in so many ways. One of the simplest ways to give is through the Brentwood diocese giving webpage for St Edmunds. Just click on this link to go there.

Please remember to include your gift aid number (if you have one) when you enter your name, so just add the number in brackets at the end of your name i.e. “Horace McFarlane(104)”. There are several other ways to give during these difficult times:

The gift aid envelopes are available from Father’s garage which is open during the day. You can still use these by putting them through Father’s door.
Another way to give is by transferring money to the parish account or setting up a standing order, please contact Iain McLay by email bloggeriain@gmail.com to organise that.


We have a wonderful WhatsApp group going, please think of joining it, and keeping in touch on a daily basis. The group has been set up to help people during this crisis.
If you’re already on WhatsApp, all you need to do is text
Iain McLay 07806 998187. and he will add you to the group.


Please be assured of my daily thoughts and prayers
With Peace & Many Blessings
Fr. John



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