Sixteenth Sunday of the Year 2020

Dear Friends in Christ                   

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Once again, it was truly wonderful to see some of our parishioners returning to Church for Sunday Mass. Manifestly, this has been a strange time over the past 16 weeks, as we’ve all had to adapt our lives accordingly. Many people are still very frightened to venture out too far from home; and some people think their invincible, and this virus will not touch them.  We cannot become complacent, and we should follow the Governmental guidelines. 


The Church has implemented all the required guidelines, both Governmental & Diocesan, plus all the Health & Safety requirements, and it is good to see that our parishioners have felt confident enough to return to Church. IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT FACE COVERING BE WORN AT MASS.  I would like to make a special appeal to our families, to seriously think about returning to Holy Mass. Obviously, your health and safety are our first and prime concern, but if we are all sensible and follow the guidelines, it will help us gain a little for confidence, not only in returning to Church, but to start doing all the things that we took for granted in the past.16thsunday20
I would have to say that the most important thing that this Pandemic has taught me, is that the most crucial things that matter in life are family, health & faith; these three, go- hand-in-hand. We have all had to re-evaluate and adapt our lives over the past months. It’s certainly given us all a lot of time to think and reflect on our relationship with the Lord Jesus has been given extra impetus. The greatest tragedy would be to not have joined the dots together and see what this pandemic hopefully must show us! Throughout the whole history of Creation and humanity, God has manifested himself in all sorts of different ways. Sometimes a dramatic ‘wake-up’ call is required! Calling people back to God is the recurrent theme that runs throughout the whole of the Bible. Often when people’s lives are consumed by the values of the world, it’s easy to forget the sacred.

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