Third Sunday of Easter 2022

We know that God cares for us body and soul. By death the soul is separated from the body, but our hope is that they will be reunited on the last day. Jesus’ resurrection revealed the nature of this new body, a risen body, infused with God’s light and life, and not prone to sin or death.

             John’s Gospel records some deeply personla and intimate mometns in Jesus’ life, such as when he wept at Lasarus’ death, or when he invited his disciples to ‘Come and have breakfast after cooking fish for them.

             The breakfast story leads into a fascinating exchange between Jesus and Peter, in which Peter is asked three times to feed the Lord’s sheep. This meant that as the Rock, Peter must ensure that beleivers are fed with the noursihment of Christ. We see this in Peter’s First Letter: ‘Like newborn babaies, crave pur spiritual milk, so that by it you that you may grow up in your slavation, now that you have tasted that the Lord is good.’              One way we can literally feed off this pure spiritual milk is by prayerfully studying the meditating on peter’s two letters. When we do this, we draw directly from the origianl rock on which the Church was built, the pure well of our salvation. If we don’t eat (feed), we grow weak and unhealthy. This is also true in our spiritual lives and the staple diet from which we feed is: prayer, the Scriptures, the Church’s teaching (the Magisterium) and Lectio Divine (spiritu

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