Christmas Letter 2021

St. Edmund of Canterbury and St. Thomas More



Dear Friends in Christ,                   Christmas 2021

As we rapidly approach the Birth of the Christ-child once again, I would like to take this opportunity of sending you all my annual Christmas Greetings. Once again we have faced a very difficult year with regards the Global Pandemic, with all sorts of variants affecting our world. It has been challenging in so many ways. Obviously, we have all been trying to maintain some semblance of normality in our lives, but health and safety for all are the prime concerns in our homes, families and community. Sadly this year we have lost parishioners to Covid, and our hearts go out to their families. I think the main thing that we can all do is be vigilant and ensure all are vaccinated, not only giving protection to ourselves but to everyone else as well.

One thing I would say about this Pandemic it has certainly focused the mind on to what are the most important values of life. Family, health and faith all go hand in hand. The fact that we belong to the Family of God through the practice of our faith has been the great sustaining factor throughout this difficult period of time. I thank God that we are now able to gather together as God’s family to celebrate our faith through the Holy Eucharist on a weekly basis. Although, sadly, many have not returned to the practice of faith. I thank the whole parish community for your continuing support of the parish during pandemic; your weekly contributions have helped to sustain parish life. 

On a personal note it has been quite a difficult 12 months period, as I have had two cancer surgeries. The last one really took it out of me, but I have tried to remain positive throughout all of this. My surgeon is very pleased with me and the prognosis is very good. Obviously, I have to continue to be monitored on a regular basis. Please say a little prayer for me.  

I would like to take this opportunity to thanking so many people who have kindly volunteered their services during these difficult times. For our Stewards who have been faithful each week ensuring the safety of parishioners and the sanitation of our church after each Mass. To the Altar Society who continue to ensure cleanliness of the Altar and Sanctuary, the Sacred Vessels, and linens. To all those parishioners who have been so generous this year in providing Gifts and items for the Christmas Grand Draw. It’s been a tough year for everyone.  Let us pray that 2022 will be a brighter year for all of us!

I take this opportunity of wishing you and all your loved ones a Very Happy, Holy & Blessed Christmas. Keep Safe and Well, and Always be Kind & Loving to one another. A Happy & Healthy New Year for 2022   


With Love & Peace to You All                         


Monday 13th Dec          10.00am St. Edmund’s

Penance Service:     8.00pm St. Edmund’s

Tuesday 14th Dec   10.00am St. Edmund’s

Wednesday 15th Dec   10.00am St. Edmund’s

Thursday 16th Dec   10.00am St. Edmund’s.

Friday 17th Dec   10.00am St. Edmund’s 

HOLY HOUR   10.30am St. Edmund’s

Saturday 18th   Dec       10.00am St. Edmund’s


Saturday  18th   Dec       6.00pm St. Edmund’s

Sunday    19th    Dec       9.00am St. Edmund’s

Sunday    19th    Dec     11.00am St. Edmund’s


FRIDAY 5.00pm St. Edmund’s (Family Mass)

24th December 7.00pm St. Edmund’s

                        10.00pm St. Edmund’s  



25th December 9.00am St. Edmund’s

          11.00am St. Edmund’s (Family Mass)



26th December  11.00am Family Mass.  Enrolment into the

Altar Servers Mass Guild of 

St. Stephen 


Saturday January 2021 11.00am Mass All welcome! Come and ask the Lord to Bless your families in this Your New Year.

Your Christmas Offertory is your Personal Gift to your 

Parish Priest and makes up the major part of his salary throughout the year!   Please use your Gift Aid envelopes


PREPARING FOR CHRISTMAS: As we have just entered a new phase of this Pandemic with the Omicron variant already spreading throughout the world. I would ask all parishioners to kindly observe our requests to wear face coverings at Mass, and use hand sanitisation on entry and exit of church. We are not only protecting ourselves, but also one another. 

There will be NO children’s mass again this year; and I would ask all parishioners to seriously think about masses they attend. Please don’t all turn up for the first mass of Christmas.

Christmas Eve Masses: 5.00pm  Simple Christmas Mass

Friday 24th Decmeber With Carols 

7.00pm, Simple Christmas Mass

With Carols

10.00pm Sung Christmas Choral Mass

With Carols.

Christmas Day Masses: 9.00am Simple Christmas Mass 

Saturday 25th December    11.00am Sung Choral Mass 

With Carols

ELECTRONIC CHRISTMAS OFFERING: This year, as always, envelopes will be available for us to make our Christmas Offering, which, as you know, is an opportunity in every Catholic Church for parishioners to make a Christmas gift to your Parish Priest, which forms the major part of his salary. This year our Christmas Offering can also be made electronically. We just need to transfer the money to the parish account with the reference ‘Xmas Offering’Please quote your Gift Aid Number also. Any questions please ask Iain McLay ( The details of the bank account are:

Sort Code: 40-13-22

Account Number: 11019651

Account Name: Catholic Church Loughton St Edmund.

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