Sixth Sunday of Easter 2021

St. Edmund of Canterbury & St. Thomas More

<strong>Twenty Eighth Sunday of the Year, 2022</strong> St Edmund of Canterbury

  1. <strong>Twenty Eighth Sunday of the Year, 2022</strong>
  2. Twenty Sixth Sunday of the Year, 2022
  3. <strong>Twenty Third Sunday of the Year, 2022</strong>
  4. The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary 2022.
  5. Seventeenth Sunday of the Year 2022

Dear Friends in Christ                               Sixth Sunday of Easter 2021

When I was 19 years of age in my first year of studies for the Priesthood, I remember vividly hearing the Gospel that we just listened to today. I thought to myself, if ever I become a priest that’s the Gospel I would like read at my Ordination Ceremony. Well, thank the Lord I was Ordained to the Sacred priesthood, & that was the Gospel read at the ordination. I never tire of hearing it, and always glean some wonderful new insight every time I hear it. The setting is the Last Supper, and Jesus & his disciples are gathered around the table. This is their last meal together, and he shares so many things with them in preparation for the future. But the most important message of all is the message of love; “Love one another, as I have loved you”. Jesus treasures the friendship that he had established with these men and women, and he knows that his Love will eventually abide in them completely and totally after his passions, death and resurrection. In offering them his Body & Blood in Love he establishes the great mystery of the Holy Eucharist. It’s the Sacrament of Love, because it was freely given by the Lord. It will become the sustaining force in the lives of the disciples, and they will continue to draw upon its strength forever. It’s the same Love the Lord offers to you and me, right here and now!

SOLEMNITY OF THE ASCENSION OF THE LORD: Next Thursday 13th May is the Solemnity of the Ascenion of the Lord, and is a Holy Day of Obligation. Forty days after the Resurrection, Jesus now returns home to the Father. In the post-resurrection appearances since Easter, Jesus has reassured the Apostles, given them hope and courage once again to go out to the whole world and proclaim the Good News. He has promised his disciples that he will be with them to the end of time. Jesus has left them the gift of himself in the Holy Eucharist; now he returns to the Father, with the promise of the gift of the Holy Spirit. Now the work of the newly founded Church will begin!  There will be three Masses on the Feast Day. 10.00am, 12.15pm & 8.00pm. Please join us!

Dear Friends in Christ,

As we progress with the vaccination process here in the UK, a high percentage of adults are now vacinated against the Corona Virus. People’s confidence is slowly returning, and many more people are venturing out and trying to get back to some semblance of normality. But there are still many people who are apprehensive and possibly even frightened. The past year has taken its toll on many families lives. Many families have lost loved ones; many people expereinced the infection itself. We all witnessed the incredible work of the NHS over the past 15 months. Life has changed, forever, all over the world. Nothing in living memory for everyone, has affected the whole world in on the way that Covid 19 has! Whatever the ‘new normal’ is, it’s going to take a long time for everyone to adapt to these new ways of looking and the world, whether it be through travel, the way we work eityher in and office or at home, through schooling and tertiary education.

I would like to invite the whole parish community to seriously think about returning to the weekly practice of the the faith. Many of you are already here, and have been throughout the whole of the time that we have been opened since last July. Our Holy Father Pope Francis, and the Bishops’ Conference of England & Wales have advocated that all the faithful people of God seriously return to the weekly practice of faith. It’s very easy to get into the habit of not making that extra special effort to attend Holy Mass. After being away for such a long period of time, some people may have decided that they don’t really need the faith any more. Obviously, these are personal decisions that people make; but they are serious decisions that will have a long-term effect, not only on the individual but also on families and subsequent generations. Pleased think seriously about these snetiments.

POSTPONEMENT OF JUBILEE: I have decided to postopone my 40th Anniversary Jubilee celebrations until a later date. With ultimate restrictions not being lifted until the latter part of June, it really doesn’t give enough time to send out invitations, and also for many friends who wanted to come from abroad to attend. I will celebrate Jubilee Thanksgiving Mass on Sunday 11th July at 11am with my Parish Family. 

May God Bless You All, 

CONFIRMATION PROGRAMME: Our final session in the Programme will take place on Wednesday May 19 at 7.30pm My Thanks to our Director and Catechists for all the hard work that has been achieved throughout this programme. As our Bishop is not able to attend the Confirmation ceremonies, delegation has been given to Fr. John to celebrate the Sacrament as the extra-ordinary Minister. In preparation for the Sacrament a Penitential Service will take place at the Church on Wednesday 2nd June, also a brief rehearsal for the celebration. The Confirmation dates are as follows: Wednesday 9th June: Groups 4,5,6. Thursday 10th June: Groups 1,2,3. Please pray for our Confirmandi.

WEEKLY OFFERTORY: My sincere thanks to those who are making their weekly contribution of Gift Aid envelopes and through the banking system that has been set up through the Diocese whereby your Offertory can be paid directly into the Parish Account, details below: 

Or you can use Parish Bank Account: Using Online Banking
HSBC Sort Code 40-13-22
Account Number: 11019651

WEEKLY OFFERTORY ENVELOPES: There are still a number of Gift Aid envelopes which have not been collected by those who belong to the scheme. The table will be outside the Church again this weekend for collection, and then placed in Fr. John’s garage throughout the week. As stated, the HSBC bank will be closing on 13th August, it would be good for as many parishioerns as possible to go over to the direct giving through your bank. If you wish to join the Gift Aid Scheme, please see Fr. John or Maria Mosquera.   Thank you for your ongoing support to the Parish.

RITE OF CHRISTIAN INITIATION OF ADULTS: If you know of anyone who may be interested in learning more about the Roman Catholic Faith possibly with the view of receiving the Easter Sacraments in 2022, please contact Fr. John at the Presbytery on Tel No: 020 8508 3492. The programme usually commences in September. If would be wonderful to have a number of enquirers. We follow a systematic programme of instruction, covering all aspects of Catholicism. Please spread the word about this programme. Thank you!

KEEPING YOU UP TO DATE: As of Monday 17th May, the Governmental Guidelines on Covid 19 are allowing more than 30 to attend a funeral service. It is being left to the parishes to decide how many people they can accommodate, manifestly, continuing to use social distancing, face coverings and hand sanitisation. Here at St. Edmund’s we would comfortably accommodate about 100 persons for a funeral. Hopefully by 21st June there may be an update with regards the full opening of the church with few restrictions. I pray that we will be able to return to the celebrations of all the sacraments very soon, including Baptisms & First Holy Communion Programme.   Thank you all for your patience. 

EPPING FOREST FOODBANK DONATIONS: Thank you to all parishioners who continue to generously donate items for the Foodbank during these difficult times. The Foodbank are truly grateful for the generosity our parish has shown throughout the pandemic and our donations are still needed desperately as more and more people in our community are finding it hard to make ends meet. The Foodbank have asked for support with the following items: Long-life fruit juice, tinned tomatoes, instant mash, tinned fish, tinned peas, tinned carrots, tinned potatoes, small jars of instant coffee, small or medium bags of rice, sponge pudding, snack bars, chocolate bars, chocolate spread and savoury crackers Thank you! You can also keep up to date with the Foodbank news via their facebook page:



Margaret Baldwin, Evelyn Bearne, Brian Beveridge, Karl Britz, Carlos Camacho, Jane Downs, Steve Dalgliesh, Pat Fenn,  Veronica Godsave, Bernadette Hall, Ann Hawkes, Claire Howes, Pamela Houghton, Noel Johnson, Shaun Keel, Angela Long, Lilian Mothersole, Sheila Murphy, John McKernan, Rosemary O’Rourke, Kathleen Pomeroy, Geraldine Taylor, Vera Taylor, Mary Witten, James Wright. And all our loved ones. 

ANNIVERSARIES: Josie Jaego RIP, Mary Christina Leith RIP, and for all whose anniversaries occur at this time and for all of our deceased loved ones, Requiescant in Pace. 

OFFERTORY COLLECTION: With continued thanks for your Weekly Offering. If you would like to join the Gift Aid Scheme, there are application forms in the Church Porch or ask Fr. John for a form. If you forget your envelope, there are spares in the Porch. Thank you! 

SACRAMENTS CELEBRATED DURING ALERT LEVEL 4 RESTRICTIONS: In accordance with Government & Diocesan Guidelines, we are allowed to celebrate Funerals with 100 people present, strictly observing social distancing. 12 people are allowed to be present at a wedding. Baptisms are allowed to take place in the context of a Sunday Mass setting. These are really difficult times, and many couples were disappointed last year not being able to celebrate their marriages. We are hoping with the advent of the vaccine, that things will change dramatically this year. If there are any couples who are thinking about getting married, please notify the parish immediately. Thank you. Obviously until restrictions are lifted all of the above applies for the foreseeable future.


Sat 8th  10.00amLetitia Fletcher RIP (Margaret Duffy)
Vigil Mass for Sunday: Confessions at 5.30pm
Sat 8th   6.00pm Tess Bowles RIP (Fr John)
Sun 9th            

Sun 9th   

Scott Sarson RIP (M Duffy & n Ironside)

People of the Parish
Sun 9th                  11:00amPam Houghton RIP (Maria Fray)
Mon 10th     10.00am

Richard & Margaret O’Rourke

Holy Hour with Exposition of Bl. Sacrament
Tues 11th                                                                                    10.00amRosalind Johnson RIP (Brenda Bryant)
Wed 12th              10.00am

Stacey Oliver RIP (Jacky Taylor)

Holy Hour with Exposition of the Bl Sacrament
Thurs 13th       AscensionDay10.00am 


Remy (Martin Laffey)

Peter Smith RIP (Paul Falco)

Dan Lynch RIP (John O’Rourke)
Fri 14th                  10.00am 

Josephine Coffey RIP (John Kelly)

Holy Hour with Exposition of Bl. Sacrament
Sat 15th  10.00amSpecial Int (Maree Kavanagh)
Vigil Mass for Sunday Confessions 5.30pm
Sat 15th      6.00pmRichard & Margaret O’Rourke RIP (J O’Rourke)
Sun 16th   Sun 16th                  9.00am

Joe & Cathy Daly (40th Wedding Anniversary)

People of the Parish
Sun 16th       11:00amRobert Edom RIP (Ann Cocklin)

6th Sunday of Easter

First Reading : Acts 10:25-26,34-35,44-48

As Peter reached the house Cornelius went out to meet him, knelt at his feet and prostrated himself. But Peter helped him up. ‘Stand up,’ he said ‘I am only a man after all!’ 

  Then Peter addressed them: ‘The truth I have now come to realise’ he said ‘is that God does not have favourites, but that anybody of any nationality who fears God and does what is right is acceptable to him.’

  While Peter was still speaking the Holy Spirit came down on all the listeners. Jewish believers who had accompanied Peter were all astonished that the gift of the Holy Spirit should be poured out on the pagans too, since they could hear them speaking strange languages and proclaiming the greatness of God. Peter himself then said, ‘Could anyone refuse the water of baptism to these people, now they have received the Holy Spirit just as much as we have?’ He then gave orders for them to be baptised in the name of Jesus Christ. Afterwards they begged him to stay on for some days.

Responsorial Psalm : Psalm 97(98):1-4

The Lord has shown his salvation to the nations.

Sing a new song to the Lord

  for he has worked wonders.

His right hand and his holy arm

  have brought salvation.

The Lord has shown his salvation to the nations.

The Lord has made known his salvation;

  has shown his justice to the nations.

He has remembered his truth and love

  for the house of Israel.

The Lord has shown his salvation to the nations.

All the ends of the earth have seen

  the salvation of our God.

Shout to the Lord, all the earth,

  ring out your joy.

The Lord has shown his salvation to the nations.

     Second Reading : 1 John 4:7-10

My dear people,

let us love one another

since love comes from God

and everyone who loves is begotten by God and knows God.

Anyone who fails to love can never have known God,

because God is love.

God’s love for us was revealed

when God sent into the world his only Son

so that we could have life through him;

this is the love I mean:

not our love for God,

but God’s love for us when he sent his Son

to be the sacrifice that takes our sins away.

    Gospel : John 15:9-17

    Jesus said to his disciples:

‘As the Father has loved me,

so I have loved you.

Remain in my love.

If you keep my commandments

you will remain in my love,

just as I have kept my Father’s commandments

and remain in his love.

I have told you this

so that my own joy may be in you

and your joy be complete.

This is my commandment:

love one another, as I have loved you.

A man can have no greater love

than to lay down his life for his friends.

You are my friends, if you do what I command you.

I shall not call you servants any more,

because a servant does not know

his master’s business; I call you friends,

because I have made known to you

everything I have learnt from my Father.

You did not choose me:

no, I chose you; and I commissioned you

to go out and to bear fruit,

fruit that will last;

and then the Father will give you

anything you ask him in my name.

What I command you

is to love one another.

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