Twenty Sixth Sunday of the Year 2020

St. Edmund of Canterbury & St. Thomas More

Dear Friends in Christ                            

As a priest it is truly wonderful to be able to celebrate Holy Mass for the community, not only at weekends, but every day! It is the most important thing that any priest will do in his priestly ministry, and it can never be underestimated how important the Holy Mass is for every Roman Catholic Christian. The Second Vatican Council informed us that the ‘Eucharist is the Source & Summit of the Christian Life.  Holy Eucharist illustration, Eucharist First Communion Sacraments of the  Catholic Church Religion Christianity, communion transparent background PNG  clipart | HiClipart

We have all been encouraged to return to the weekly practice of our faith. The reality is that life is not going to return to Pre-Covid, and we now must adapt our lives accordingly and live with this situation. We cannot put our lives on hold! The reality is that this could go on for a couple more years. Life will not be the same, but we must live! All the negativity through the press and media doesn’t inspire anyone; but if we all act sensibly, and take the precautions necessary, we can get on with our daily lives. Being conscious and aware of others is important. Practicing Social Distancing, the wearing of Face Coverings, washing and the sanitisation of our hands, receiving the Flu Vaccine where necessary, these are all precautionary measures in not only protecting ourselves, but everyone else as well. After each of our masses at weekends and during the week the Church is cleaned and sanitised.  I would like to sincerely thank our volunteer Stewards, who are so generous in the time and service they give to our community. Dark skin family wearing face masks for prevent Vector Image

Our schools returned three weeks ago. The Government is doing everything conceivably possible to ensure that our schools remain open. The fact that schools have retunred should be an incentive for families to return to our places of worship. I appeal to every parishioner in our community to retunr to your church. If you are not vulnerbale or have an underlying health condition, please ‘come home’! We all need God in our lives; and live-streaming is all well and good, but it’s not a substitute for receiving Jesus in Holy Communion. We need to get back into the habit once again. St Mary Magdalene Yarm Church
Pictures Of Praying Hands With Rosary

OCTOBER. THE MONTH OF THE HOLY ROSARY: I advocate that every family take up the Rosary during this special month, and pray every day for an end to this Corona virus Pandemic. The Rosary is a very powerful prayer, and the invocation of Our Blessed Lady is a powerful intercession. Parents teach your children the Rosary during October. There are a number of rosaries for sale in the Parish Repository in the porch of the Church; there is an explanation of how to pray the rosary with each. You can always Google the instructions how to pray as well.

ADDITIONAL MASS: With the additional mass at 10.00am, the turnaround must be very quick; it is imperative that the cleaning of the benches takes place as quickly as possible after the 9.00am & 10.00am masses. We still need some more Stewards. Or, if you can assist with the sanitising of the benches after the masses, this would be of great assistance to us.    

RCIA | Holy Spirit Parish

RITE OF CHRISTIAN INITIATION OF ADULTS: Each year the RCIA programme – often referred to as the Journey of Faith – is open to anyone interested in learning more about the Roman Catholic Faith. It offers the enquirer the opportunity to explore in a systematic way all the aspects of Catholicism. Our next session will take place on Wednesday30th September at 8.00pm inn the Presbytery. Theme: Restoration of friendship with God

BAPTISMS: We have been given permission to resume the Baptism of infants in our churches. Manifestly, families are allowed up to 30 persons to be present in the Church, practicing Social distancing and wearing a face covering. Many baptisms were put on hold with the lockdown. But I would encourage you to have your babies baptised now. The Church is open for weekly Sunday Mass, and we are trying to get back to some semblance of normality. Life cannot be put on hold forever! Please contact Fr. John to arrange Baptism dates. Tel No: 020 8508 3492.  Transparent Tutor Clipart - Baptism Clipart, HD Png Download - christening  png - Transparent PNG, Transparent Clipart (763*578) - PNG Image on

BAPTISMS IN THE PARISH: If you have a child due for Baptism please let me know as soon as possible. To avoid any disappointment with dates, contact the Presbytery to book your date. If you are first-time parents, you need to contact Sharon Chalk, who will organise a Baptismal Preparation of two sessions, and then I will come and visit you in your homes. Please don’t forget to collect your Baptismal Information Form. 

FIRST HOLY COMMUNION: The last two children will celebrate First Eucharist on Sunday this week. This is a special time for the children, who have been preparing since last September. It’s extremely important that all those children and their families who are preparing to receive their First Holy Communion in the coming weeks start attending weekly mass once again.  Obviously, during these unusual times this celebration will only be for their immediate families. My thanks to our Catechists Kathryn, Elena & their helpers. Holy Communion Stock Photos And Images - 123RF

REPOSITORY: There are a variety of Religious gifts and items available for First Communicants. Cards, statues, rosaries, medals, prayers books, candles There is a cash box to leave your money. The church is open from 10.30am – 11.30am each day Monday – Saturday. 

SACRAMENTAL PREPARATION FOR HOLY COMMUNION & CONFIRMATION: As you know were only just celebrating First Holy Communion for our children (postponed from May). The likelihood is that we will begin our Communion Programme & Confirmation Programme after Christmas. I have spoken to the Catechists, and they are in agreement with this.  (Our Bishop Alan is supposed to make a Pastoral Visitation in 2021 celebrating the Sacrament of Confirmation). Please keep an eye on the newsletter for details.

PARISH BAZAAR THIS YEAR? With the uncertainty regarding the Covid 19 Pandemic, I have made an executive decision not to have our annual Parish Bazaar this year. Instead, it would be good to have a ‘Big Grand Draw’ with really good prizes, (about 20 prizes). I know its early days, but if anyone would like to donate really good prizes for the Draw these will be gratefully accepted. Money Prizes, Colour Television, I Pad, Kindle, X Box, Crate of Wine, Restaurant Vouchers, Various Hampers (large & small), Large Bottle of Champagne, Large Bottle of Whiskey/Brandy, Health Spa Treatment, Theatre Vouchers, Set of Crystal Glasses, Men’s / Ladies Watches,   Obviously, it would be good to know in advance so we can publish a list of prizes. If you can donate a really good prize please speak to Fr. John.  Tel No: 020 8508 3492 Prizes can be delivered to the Presbytery for storage. I’ve had one prize so far. As we’re about to enter the month of October, could I ask you all to consider if you can offer a prize this year. The Bazaar is our main fund-raiser throughout the year and certinaly assists in our annual parish finances. As there has been a dramatic decrease in Offertory over the past six months, at least 50 per cent, the Grand Draw would be a wonderful way to help. I appepal to you wonderful ongoing generosity. Thank you.  Fr. John    Xmas Raffle Clipart , Png Download - Christmas Raffle, Transparent Png, Free Download


In response to the COVID-19 situation and due to extraordinary circumstances this year, the school have commissioned a virtual tour of Trinity Catholic High School, which can be found on our website (  The school has taken this decision, not to expose our prospective parents to any unnecessary risks.  The school realizes that you, as parents, may be disappointed with regard to this but please be aware that we only have the interests of the parents, and our school community, at the forefront of this decision, and would not wish to disadvantage any parents who may not feel able to attend.  The website contains a lot of information regarding Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 teaching and the School Prospectus contains details of the life of the school.  Please contact Mrs L Scrivens, Admissions Officer, on, if you have any further queries and this will be passed onto the relevant department. 

The closing date for applications is 31st October 2020.  Please note that applicants will need to complete a common application form which will be provided by their own Local Authority.  This application will then need to be returned to the applicants own Local Authority.  For applicants wishing to submit a Certificate of Catholic Practice, this Diocesan document can be obtained through your parish priest, on the Diocesan website or the priest who will be signing your form.  You will also need to complete a SIF form which can be found on the Trinity website, under Year 7 – 11 Admissions. 

Parents will be able to drop these documents off at the Sydney Road entrance in the drop box, not directly to the school office as visitors will not be allowed on site.  Please contact the office via the buzzer on the gate to let them know that documentation has been left.  Please provide a SAE if you require a receipt’. 

May I thank you once again for your help and support with this process and please do not hesitate to contact me if any questions arise. Liturgical Readings For Trinity Sunday - Holy Trinity Symbol Catholic -  Free Transparent PNG Clipart Images Download

With every good wish. 

Yours sincerely 

Dr P C Doherty OBE  



If you have a child who is currently in Year 6 and is eligible to start Secondary School in September 2021, you need to seriously start thinking about the applications procedure. First and foremost, none of the High Schools are having open evenings this year but have published virtual tours of their schools online. The two schools that our parish tend to deal with are Trinity Roman Catholic High School & Davenant Foundation School. Before you make any applications please view the online presentations.

The applications procedure, especially if this is your first time, is through Essex County. It is an online procedure; you must complete the questionnaire application in detail by the 31st October 2020. You will receive a registration number, which you can use to access the application form to change or alter any information up until 31st October; after that date you will be locked out.

FOR TRINITY CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL: A Certificate of Catholic Practice is necessary. This clearly states that you are a practicing Roman Catholic; both you are your child attend Weekly Mass. If you don’t meet this requirement the form cannot be signed, and you must make applications without the CCP form. Obviously, our churches opened again on the 4th July for weekly mass. 

FOR DAVENTANT FOUNDATION SCHOOL: The applications procedure is slightly different. They have an 11-page online applications form going into detail about their requirements. A Seven Year practice of faith is required. Once again, our churches opened on the 4th July for weekly Mass. I would like a copy of what you recorded for your Weekly Practice please. (I have the relevant page (hard copy) for you to complete). In November the School will contact me with your application form. I can only attest to the truth in my 18 years here in the parish about your practicing of faith. So please be honest and truthful in your personal assessment of practice. I will not sign anything that is untruthful. If you are not a practicing Catholic, you will have to take your chances and make your applications without reference from me.

DIFFICULT DECISIONS: Obviously, parents know what the requirements are for applications into our faith school. I will never compromise my personal integrity by signing a form that I know is not true. Please read both schools Admissions Criteria. You can also find relevant information on the Diocesan Website regarding admissions. The Priests’ guidelines are mapped out very clearly by the diocese.    

FEELING A LITTLE APPREHENSIVE: About attending Sunday Mass; we have set up a Speaker outside the Church; and parishioners can practice Social distancing outside as well. Obviously if you attend as a family, you can sit closely together in the Church. Alternate benches have been blocked off, and with the wearing of Face Coverings we are complying with regulations.

UNABLE TO ATTEND SUNDAY MASS: If you are genuinely unable to attend one of the Sunday Masses, the Bishops Conference of England & Wales has strongly recommended that you make the extra special effort to attend one of the Weekday Mass, at present being celebrated daily at 10.00am. Please wear a Face Covering. Live streaming is still available daily just go to the Website of St. Edmund of Canterbury, Loughton

THANK YOU: I would like to sincerely thank all those parishioners who have volunteered as Stewards, at our Sunday Masses, and for the hour of private prayer during the week. I’m truly grateful for your generosity of spirit and service to the whole parish community. It’s truly wonderful to see!  We have purchased special cleaning materials for the benches & surfaces, and they are cleaned every time they are used by parishioners. If you would like to volunteer as a Steward, please contact Iain McLay Tel No: 07806 998187

FOR THOSE WHO ARE VULNERABLE: For parishioners who are in the vulnerable age bracket 70 plus, (It’s your prerogative to attend Mass). Or if you have underlying health issues or are displaying symptoms of Corona virus PLEASE STAY AT HOME. 

YOUR WEEKLY OFFERTORY: My sincere thanks to those who are making their weekly contribution of Gift Aid envelopes and through the banking system that has been set up through the Diocese whereby your Offertory can be paid directly into the Parish Account, details below:

Or you can use Parish Bank Account: Using Online Banking
HSBC Sort Code 40-13-22
Account Number: 11019651

Please put your name as reference and your Gift Aid number if you have one.

If you can set it up as a regular payment this would be excellent and save a lot

of time in the future. If you don’t have GIFT AID this is a good time to start, you can do this by e-mailing Maria Mosquera (
With continued thanks for your generosity.

God Bless You All      Fr. John 


Sat 26th                                                                        10.00amSr Susan Asher’s Int’s
Vigil Mass for Sunday: Church resumes regular Sunday Schedule
Sat 27th         6.00pmEbert Fernando RIP (Christine Fernando)
Sun 27th                  Sun 27th 9.00am10.00amWarwick Young RIP (Karl Britz)People of the Parish
Sun 27th                                           11:00amMrs K Mulvaney RIP (Eileen Lee)
Mon 28th                                                10.00amInt’s of Evelyn Bearne ((Noreen & Veronica)
Tues 29th                                                                    10.00amKathleen Pampellonne B’day Int’s. 
Wed 30th             10.00amMary Smith RIP (Noreen Smith)
Thurs 1stOctober           10.00amDebbie Clarke’s Int’s (Maree Kavanagh)
Fri 2nd                                         10.00am 10.30amPeter Smith RIP (Paul Falco)Holy Hour Exposition of the Bl. Sacrament 
Sat 3rd                                       10.00amSr. Susan Asher Int’s 
Vigil Mass for Sunday
Sat 3rd                 6.00pmJulie Clarke (Maree Kavanagh)
Sun 4th                         Sun 4th  9.00am10.00amPeople of the ParishGerard RIP & Kathleen Pampellonne (K Pampellonne)
Sun 4th                                                          11:00amPeter McRory RIP & Dec’d of McRory Family (Geri Fitzgibbon)

BOOKING MASSES: At present there are many openings for Mass Intentions. If you would like a Mass for a particular intention, please write your details on an envelope and post it through the letterbox at the presbytery. You can Gift Aid your intentions just put the GA number on envelope. Place your Mass offering in the envelope. Thank you!  

DIARY 2020



Margaret Baldwin, Brian Beveridge, Jane Downs, Steve Dalgliesh, James Geller, Veronica Godsave, Bernadette Hall, Ann Hawkes, Claire Howes, Pamela Houghton, Shaun Keel, Angela Long, Lilian Mothersole, Sheila Murphy, John McKernan, Rosemary O’Rourke, Kathleen Pomeroy, Barbara Pope, Geraldine Taylor, Vera Taylor, Mary Walstow, Mary Witten, James Wright. And all our loved ones.

ANNIVERSARIES: Giovanni Venturoli RIP and for all whose anniversaries occur at this time and for all of our deceased loved ones, Requiescant in Pace.

OFFERTORY COLLECTION: £708.06 With continued thanks for your Weekly Offering. If you would like to join the Gift Aid Scheme there are application forms in the Church Porch, or ask Fr. John for a form. If you forget your envelope, there are spares in the Porch. Thank you! 

VERY FEW MASS INTENTION REQUESTS: Unfortunately there have been very few Mass Intention requests; therefore, there are many openings. If parishioners would like mass intentions for any occasion or anniversary, please put your request & mass offering in an envelope and drop off at the Presbytery as soon as possible. TY!

EPPING FOREST FOODBANK DONATIONS: Thank you to all parishioners who continue to generously donate items for the Foodbank during these difficult times. Your donations of are needed as much as ever now by people in our area who are struggling to put food on the table. Basic staple items are always welcome including the unbranded supermarket basic ranges which can make your generous donations go even further. Currently they are in urgent need of the following items: instant mash, tinned meat, packet noodles, savoury crackers, sponge puddings, crisps, snack bars, laundry tablets (small and medium) bars of soap and hand sanitisers. Thank you! You can also keep up to date with the Foodbank via their facebook page:

IN CASES OF EMERGENCY: Tuesday is usually Fr. John’s Day Off. In 

Cases of emergency please call one of the local parishes, either in Epping – Tel: 01992 572516, or the St. Thomas of Canterbury Friary at Woodford Green – Tel: 020 8504 1688.  This would also apply if Fr. John is away for a few days break or on Retreat. All the local funeral directors have a contact number for Fr. John if a funeral needs to be arranged in his absence.

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