25th Sunday of the Year 2020

Dear Friends in Christ

Once again it was wonderful to see so many people returning to Sunday Mass. With our children returning to school, and families trying their best to maintain some semblance of normality during these difficult times, it is imperative that our lives of faith should also continue with the practice of weekly faith. It was wonderful to have been able to live-stream, literally from day one, but as Cardinal Sarah, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, said last weekend, with the Holy Father’s approval, it is “necessary and urgent” to return to in-person Masses as soon as coronavirus lockdowns permit. I think we would all agree with this sentiment. Unfortunately, negative reporting doesn’t help; it has evoked an atmosphere of fear and anxiety in many people. If we are sensible, following Governmental guidelines, practicing social distancing, washing our hands regularly, using sanitisers, wearing face coverings, manifestly this will assist in helping to protect everyone. Sadly, not everyone adheres to these guidelines. It has been noted statistically that the highest rate of transmission at present in now in the younger age groups. The ‘rule of 6’ is there to protect us.

As the autumn and winter months rapidly approach, and as colds an winter flu emerge, its so important that our Senior Citizen get their flu vaccine as soon as possible. Scientifically it has been observed that the wearing of face coverings and the washing and sanitising of hands will certainly decrease the likelihood of catching colds and flu, let alone Covid 19. STAY ALERT! Obviously, of late, many people have lowered their guard, hence the increase of cases.

As you know the Church has been open since 4th July; many parishioners have returned to the weekly practice of faith. But many have not, especially families. With the return to school, I would like to encourage our families to come back to church. I sent a letter out a couple of days ago ‘COME BACK TO ME’, and hope you’ve had a chance to read it. We have employed every measure possible to ensure the safety of all our parishioners. Keep Safe & Well!

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