This is a very important message about weekend masses.

Dear Parishioners,

Father John and Robin Bradley (our safety officer) have decided upon some Health and Safety changes. At all times Father and Robin see our safety as a top priority and the changes will help keep us as safe.

There are three changes (each is discussed in detail below):

1.       There will be an additional mass each Sunday at 10am.

2.       There will be a simple system to record contact numbers to help with track-and-trace.

3.       A toilet will be available in the hall, with special measure in place to make it safe.

Father is so pleased that people are coming back to Mass in such good numbers and to help make sure we can keep our social distancing Father has decided to introduce an additional mass at 10am. So, on Sundays we will now have masses at 9am, 10am and 11am. Time is needed between masses for sanitising the church and so Father will do his best to keep the 9am and 10am mass to 35 minutes whilst maintaining the spirituality and prayerfulness of the mass.

With increasing cases of Covid-19 being registered in the country and increasing attendance at mass it is becoming likely that at some stage mass-goers will need to be contacted for track and trace purposes. Father and Robin have decided that we now need to introduce a contact tracing system. This will be very simple and in accordance with GDPR and government guidelines. Each bench in the church will now have a number attached. On arriving at the church each person or family group will be handed a slip of paper and a pen. Parishioners should take their seat and then record on the slip the bench number, their name and a contact number. These slips of paper will be stored in a sealed bag for 21 days and then discarded. They will only be used if Father is approached by NHS Test, Track and Trace and, importantly, it means only those sitting nearby the original case will need to be contacted. It should be mentioned that pens will be specific for each mass and carefully processed so they are Covid-19 free.

Father and Robin have decided that it is now appropriate to open the disabled toilet in the hall. The other toilets will not be open. There will be sanitisers outside the toilet and liquid soap inside the toilet and notices reminding users to sanitise/wash/dry hands carefully and leave toilets in the clean state they find them.

Father John, Robin Bradley and Iain McLay

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