Nineteenth Sunday of the Year 2020

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Dear Friends in Christ                                                                

 Once again, it was wonderful to see so many of our parishioners returning to 19thSunday2020(1)Sunday Mass. As people gain their confidence about going out and trying to get back into some routine of ‘normality’, I just want to reassure all our parishioners, that here at St. Edmund’s, we have taken all Governmental & Diocesan recommendations and guidelines very seriously. Your Health & Safety are our prime concern. Procedures are in place when you attend Church to protect you. It goes unsaid, that before you leave home that you should thoroughly wash your hands. Hand sanitiser is available as you enter the Church. A one-way system enables you to take your seats from the outside aisles. Alternate benches are closed facilitating social distancing. There is no ‘sign of peace’, no physical contact with another person, excluding the ‘family bubble’.


19thSunday2020(2)I make this Special Appeal to all our parishioners, to seriously consider returning to the Weekly practice of faith. Manifestly, many people are returning to other social activities; as gyms, restaurants, pubs social venues, parks, museums, some theatres are now open. Parishioners are also flying abroad for holidays. We are encouraged to be sensible and follow the guidelines. And considering the information available, please know that when you come to Mass on Sunday (which now last for approximately 35 minutes), we will look after you! As from Saturday 8th August, it is now mandatory to wear a Face Covering in all places of worship. Also, please do not congregate outside after Mass. Thanks!

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