Eighteenth Sunday of the Year 2020

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Dear Friends in Christ 

Last weekend, it was truly wonderful to see so many of you at Sunday Mass. People are slowly gaining their confidence about going out and trying to regain some semblance of normality to their lives. Although this ‘New Normal’ is quite strange, we also cannot become complacent about Covid 19. One of the worrying factors is that there will be a new wave of infections. As you know we have adapted the Church to accommodate social distancing. I would ask all parishioners to adhere strictly to these rules.

18thsunday2020(1)This week I have received an updated instruction from the Governmental & Diocesan guidelines; where there is an enclosed space with a large gathering it states that FACE COVERINGS should be worn, which means in the Church; it not only to protect the individual, but also everyone else. Also, in the new guidelines, it has stated that as soon as we leave Church we should not congregate outside or have social conversations, just go straight home. I know this seems somewhat severe, but we are trying to protect everyone from this contagious virus.

I make a very special appeal to all our families to seriously consider coming back to the weekly practice of Holy Mass. Routine is important, especially for our children. The practice of our faith is not something that we just tag on to the rest of our lives, it is fundamental to who we are, and of course, eventually of what we become. Let us all make a very special effort to consider the importance of our faith, especially in these strange times. Life is not a dress rehearsal, we only pass this way but once, and we need to take every opportunity given to us in our relationship with God.

18thsunday2020(2)In the past it was noted that a habit can be acquired within 21 days. In more recent studies it said up to 66 days. We were away from Church for a hundred days. As I have stated it’s as easy to get out of the habit as it is to get into it. Manifestly, I believe that everyone must make a conscious effort to try to return to the ‘good habit’ of Sunday Mass

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