St. Peter & St. Paul Feast Day, 2020

St. Edmund of Canterbury & St. Thomas More

Solemnity of St. Peter & St. Paul

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Dear Friends in Christ ,

As you will have heard during the past week, there is a further easing of the lockdown, including a reduction of social distancing to one meter plus on the 4th July. This slow and gradual easing is designed to keep us safe and healthy. This is not the green light to forget how dangerous Covid 19 still is. There are still many people contracting the virus, and people are still dying daily. This is a dangerous virus. It’s so important that we don’t fall into the trap of thinking that ‘it’s all over’! Vigilance, and practicing social distancing is still important. All the health & safety advice should still be upheld, the washing of hands regularly; using hand sanitisers; the wearing of face masks in public places and on public transport. This life-changing virus has affected the whole world, and already some countries are experiencing a second wave, so we must remain attentive because the Covid 19 battle is far from over!

GOPEL REFELCTION: Today we celebrate the Solemnity of SS Peter & Paul. These two great giants of the faith chosen by Jesus to be his Apostles; Peter the rock on which the Church was founded, and Paul the great preacher and evangeliser. The Lord’s choice of these two flawed men shows that he was able to see beyond their faults and failings, and the potential for what they could become. Both bore witness to Jesus Christ right to the very end of their lives; both shared a martyr’s death and are now proclaimed Saints of the Church. Let us ask for their intercession in our own lives of faith today; for courage; deep faith; bearing witness to Jesus Christ by our way of life.


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