Third Sunday of Easter 2020

3rd Sunday of Easter 2020

Dear Friends in Christ, 

As we continue during this lockdown and self-isolation, once again I draw your attention to the online streaming of Holy Mass daily at 10.00am. Parishioners have contacted me via texting on the WhatsApp Group and emails expressing their gratitude that we have this facility on a daily basis. Sadly, not all parishes are livestreaming. Apologies for the problems last Sunday: as I was on my own, I wasn’t aware that the signal had gone down until after the mass. There is a Vigil Mass for Sunday on Saturday evening at 6.00pm. I would like to take this opportunity of encouraging as many parishioners as possible to join us for daily Mass. What better way to start the day! Many people have a lot of time on their hands at present, and I truly believe that the Holy Mass is a wonderful opportunity for each one of us to deepen our faith and give us fuller appreciation for the Holy Eucharist.

GOSPEL: Once again today we listen to another Post-Resurrection account of the Risen Lord. The two disciples on the road to Emmaus encounter the risen Lord. He opens their minds to understanding all the Scriptures that were about him, and it is at the breaking of bread at the table that they recognise who he is. Jesus Christ is with each one of us on the journey of life and faith; he wants us to always recognise him. He is with us here and now in our Sacred celebration. He is ‘Emmanuel’ – ‘God with us!’


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