Easter Sunday 2020


Dear Friends in Christ, 

We have travelled through this Holy Week in an unprecedented way; celebrating all our masses & services through the medium of Facebook & the Website. But we have been making this journey with Jesus together. Despite the hardship and difficulty of self-isolation we have managed to focus our lives on the saving events that Jesus Christ has won for each one of us; he triumphed over sin and death and Rose on Easter Day. Fundamentally these are the tenets of our belief in the Roman Catholic Faith. Even in the darkest hours of Jesus’s life, God’s plan for his Son was triumph!

Today we celebrate the Resurrection! We are invited to proclaim Jesus as Our Lord & Saviour. He cannot die anymore, and he invites each of us to share in the New Life of Resurrection Faith. During these difficult times, we have had the opportunity to evaluate the most important aspects of our lives. We see the importance of family united in love; health that can never be taken for granted; our faith in God & Jesus that is the life-source of everything that we are striving to be – without it we are nothing! Jesus has triumphed; let us rejoice in his Resurrection today!


Wishing You All & Very Happy & Holy Easter

May Our Risen Lord Jesus, be with you and your families

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