Fifth Sunday of Lent, 2020

5th Sunday of Lent 2020  

Dear Friends in Christ,      

As we continue in this world shut down, our Lenten journey also continues. These are unprecedented times and trying to keep some semblance of normality is very difficult. People are becoming inventive and using initiatives to pass time each day in the confines of our family homes. 

I’m truly grateful to everyone who has joined our parish WhatsApp Group, and those who are using social media, Facebook & the Parish Website. Holy Mass is celebrated each day at 10.00am and this is live-streamed.  I’m grateful to all who tune in each day and join us for holy Mass. It is a wonderful way of keeping connected with our faith. The Sadness is not being able to receive Jesus in Holy Communion; but I encourage all who tune in daily to make a Spiritual Communion.

A big thank you to all those parishioners who are going out of their way to assist and help those who are self-isolating; our parishioners who are over 70 yeas of age, and those who are sick and housebound. 

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