Second Sunday of Easter 2019

Dear Friends in Christ,

2nd Sunday of Easter 2019


Thomas, whom we know as ‘Doubting Thomas’, was blessed to have put his fingers in the wounds on the Lord’s hands and to have touched his pierced side. However, he was gently rebuked by the Lord: ‘Stope doubting and believe’. Thomas, despite his doubts and unbelief, was led to faith and perhaps should be remembered as ‘Believing Thomas’, since his subsequent profession of faith was so sincere and genuine: ‘My Lord and my God!’

This is the confession of faith that the Lord seeks from every true believer: My Lord and my God’ or ‘Jesus Christ is Lord’. This admission of faith in the Risen Lord is always the fruit of grace in our lives. It is also one which we are called to make every single day. Every day invites a re-dedication of our lives to Christ.

The coming of Jesus Christ can be likened to the major theme in a musical performance. Often in musicals, operas and classical works, different instruments give hints of the main theme: first the flutes, then the clarinets, the bassoons, the string instruments and the bass – all take up different variations. In its final climax the whole orchestra sounds the theme towards which everything has been moving. In a similar way, in the coming of Jesus God’s eternal plan of salvation is fully and finally revealed, and when we freely accept and embrace this plan we receive God’s gift of joy.

heisrisenJesus is both the Word and the Event in which the fullness of divine revelation is made known. We can lose sight of what an amazing grace of revelation it is to humbly bow before God’s greatest gift – the sending of the Son. We receive in this moment the grace which understands that faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we cannot see. We have not seen and touched as Thomas did, but we are blessed for despite not seeing we believe. As Peter said: ‘Without having seen him you love him; though you do not see him you believe in him and rejoice… As the outcome of your faith, you obtain the salvation of your souls’.

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