Eighth Sunday of the Year 2019

Dear Friends in Christ 

8th Sunday of the Year 2019

Today’s gospel from St. Luke follows immediately upon his beautiful explanation of unconditional love whereby we are to love even our enemies. treeThis kind of love is not natural.  It can come only with the grace of God and as a result of much work and effort.  But this is precisely the challenge of today’s gospel for each one of us.   To be so positive of all other people that we can accept them for who and what they are, that we can overcome those occasions when we tend to misjudge others, that we can stress the good in others and hope they can do the same for us.

The blind cannot lead the blind. And a disciple cannot be a good disciple unless he or she has learned from the teacher. Everyone who is fully trained is like the teacher who knows how to cure the blind. Before you can be a good disciple and teach others you must take care of yourself. Do not try to take a speck out of your brother’s eye until you have taken the board out of your own. Finally, only when you have purified yourself can you produce the good works that the teacher requires. Discipleship asks us to produce good deeds. But to produce them requires the integrity and purity of heart found in the teacher. When people see your good deeds they will know that this is because you have a good heart. 

tree2It sounds like a kind of Christian utopia, doesn’t it?  But Christ came to change the work, to transform the world according to the will of His Father.   Today’s gospel is a challenge, a bold challenge for each one of us followers of Jesus.

The final parable, which we do not read today, is about building on the solid foundation of rock and not on sand. This is the only way to face the difficulties a disciple will encounter and survive!

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