ANNUAL PARISH BAZAAR (Saturday 1st December, 11am – 3pm.)

ChristmasAs you know, the Annual Bazaar tends to be the only major fund-rising event that we have throughout the year. Its success is always dependent upon your generosity. So once again I appeal to your generosity for gifts and items for the Bazaar. This Weekend we will place the Bazaar Bin at the back of the Church; you can place your gifts and items in the box, or you can drop off anything at the Presbytery during the week. A BAZAAR IS NOT A JUMBLE SALE, please ensure that your gifts and items are worthy of sale! New items are preferable: e.g. Toiletries, fancy goods, bric-a-brac, cuddly toys, new toys, Jams & Preserves, Sweets, (Boxes of Chocolates, Christmas Selection boxes, Tins of Sweets, Christmas Sweets, Candy Canes


Is always one of the most popular stalls at the Bazaar.bottles We are appealing for Bottles of Wine and Spirits. We are aiming for 300, in that way we can make the bottle stall much bigger this year. If you have bottles of Wine and Spirits, you can drop them off at the presbytery at any time. Please be generous!

Suggestions for Grand Draw Prizes:

If anyone could donate any of the Money Prizes this would be helpful? 1st Prize £200; 2nd Prize £100; 3rd Prize £50; Flat Screen Colour Television; I Pad; I Pod; Wii Game; Kindle, X Box games; DVD Player; CD Player; Theatre Vouchers; Crate of Wine; Tickets for Dinner at Restaurants; Theatre Tickets; Hairdressing & Beauty vouchers; Marks & Spencer Christmas Hamper, and various other hampers and many more prizes. If you can help with any of these prizes we would be most grateful.


presentEvery year I try to enter into the full spirit of the Parish Bazaar; I run a stall with really excellent prizes. They are all donated by your good selves! I appeal to the whole parish community for really good quality gifts for my stall. Thanking you all in anticipation of your generosity! Flat Screen Television is a must! A Christmas Hamper; I Pad or I Pod; Kindle; Crate of Wine; Theatre Tickets; CD Music Player; X Box; Restaurant Vouchers, Theatre Vouchers and any other luxury goods that you might think worthy of a special raffle. Thanking you in anticipation!

PARISH BAZAAR – SATURDAY 1st December 2018

11.00am – 3.00pm


Saturday 1st December 2018. There will be a Bazaar Committee Meeting on Tuesday 10th October at 8.00pm in the Parish Retreat. If you are able to help with the annual parish bazaar, please do make a very special effort to attend this important meeting, Thank you!

TOILETRIES: santaAre always popular at a Parish Bazaar, if you have any toiletries can you let us have them as soon as possible. Please ensure that all toiletries and unopened, and unused. Please try to make a very special effort in even providing one item for the Toiletries Stall. Thank you!

SMALL CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR SANTA’S GROTTO: If you see any small toys or gifts for children, that you might feel would be good for Santa’s Grotto, please also think of the Bazaar. Every little helps. “If everyone does a little, a lot gets done!”

HELPERS ARE NEEDED THIS YEAR: helpWe need help in sorting out the gifts that are donated on a weekly basis; also transporting the gifts and items to the presbytery or the storage room at the back of the parish hall. If you can help in the process we would be most grateful. Sadly these tasks are usually just left for the few, the more help we have the more we can get done! If you can help please speak to Fr. John. Thanking you in anticipation.

MATCHED GIVING: COULD WE MAKE A SPECIAL APPEAL THIS YEAR FOR ADDITIONAL MATCHED GIVING? Can anyone help again this year with Matched Giving from your Firm or Bank? Many companies do employ a Matched Giving facility, all you need to do is ask your place of employment; this truly would be of great benefit to us. If you work at the bazaar on a particular stall, whatever is raised is matched by the company. Please look in to it!

GRAND DRAW MONEY PRIZES: If there are any parishioners who would be able to donate this year’s Grand Draw Money Prizes, I would be most grateful, Or any other Money donations are always gratefully accepted. If you use the Parish Gift Aid Scheme, these prizes and money donations can be Gift Aided, all we need is your name orenvelope number. Thank you!giftaid

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