A personal request from Sue Farrow, our Director of Music:

You probably don’t see that much of me but I’m the one who makes a loud noise from above and behind you! My part in the liturgy requires me to be up in the organ loft; along with 21 dedicated choir members who rehearse twice a week to be the best they can possibly be to enhance our Sunday liturgy. Their generosity of spirit in allowing me to nag and cajole them into achieving new things stuns me every single week.

orgnBut something’s not right. We are actually a choir of 22, but one of our members cannot access the organ loft. That member attends a rehearsal in our hall every week but when it comes to doing our job in the loft, they are effectively excluded. With others also who find the stairs quite difficult these days. This feels wrong to all of us and, with Fr John’s support, we’ve decided to do something about it. We’re going to buy a Stairlift!

We’ve already raised a small proportion of the funds we need but we have a long way to go. So, on 28th & 30th June I will be doing a 12-hour sponsored musical marathon to raise the rest. (Commencing at 10.30am on both days). If you’d like to come along and listen during the marathon, you’d be most welcome!) The choir has promised faithfully to prop me up with flasks of (very!) strong coffee but we need your help too. SPONSORSHIP IS STILL AVAILABLE. Are you willing to take one and ask your family, friends, colleagues (and anyone else you can think of!) to help us achieve our goal? It would mean so much to us to have ALL our members together in the loft, and we’d be sincerely grateful for your help. Special Donations will always be very welcome. Please support us! Please use Gift Aid envelopes also!”

Thank you. Sue

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