Corpus Christi 2018

Dear Friends in Christ, 

Today we celebrate the great solemnity of Corpus Christi, the last and eternal gift that Jesus left to his Apostles and the world at the Last Supper. As earth unites with heaven every time we celebrate the Holy Eucharist, we are uniquely privileged to share in this most wonderful Sacrament of the Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour . There is no more intimate expression of love that we can celebrate than to consume the Body & Blood of Jesus at the celebration of Holy Mass. We become what we eat.

The respect we should afford Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist is by making a reverential boweat before we receive the sacrament. Through the miracle of the Mass, Jesus comes to us through the Species of Bread & Wine. That simple gesture which he shared at the Last Supper with his disciples was to become the means whereby Jesus, through his own self-sacrifice on the altar of the cross, would be forever present to us when we gathered together in memory of Him. There is no greater gift we could receive! Jesus wants us to be one with him in ‘Communion’. He fills us with his life giving body & blood. This is our spiritual nourishment along the journey of life and faith.

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