As we begin the Sacred Triduum, I would take this opportunity of encouraging all of our parishioners to enter into this most sacred time, by participating in the beautiful liturgies of these three holy days.

The Mass of the Lord’s Supper, remembering the Mandatum – the example of service shown by Jesus to the apostles with the Washing of Feet.  This sacred action is r-enacated at Holy Mass. We remember the Ordination of the Priests in the Apostles, and finally the eternal gift of the H?oly Eucharist, given to us on this night.  There will be watching in the Church until midnight.

The Liturgy of Good Friday is so simple. The day speaks for itself, sombre and solemn! Process into the Church in silence at 3.00pm remembering the Hour of Our Lord’s Death. Listening to the Sacred Passion from St. John’s Gospel.  The Veneration of the Cross, this ancient custom, as a sign of lover and reverence to Christ for his self-sacrifice on the Altar of the Cross

Holy Saturday and the Easter Vigil:  The highpoint of the Liturgical Year.  The Liturgy incorporates the whole history of Salvation, commencing with Creation and reading the climax of Resurrection.  We bless the Easter Water, Renew our Baptismal Promises, Receive new members into our Parish Family through Reception into full-communion. We celebrate the Triumph of Jesus Christ over sin and death.


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