This is Holy Week 2018

Dear Friends in Christ, 

Our Holy Week Journey has begun! This is the most sacred time in the Church’s liturgical year. INRI.pngWe retrace the final days of Jesus’ journey that will lead to Calvery and Resurrection on Easter Day! It is a personal journey of faith also. I encourage all of our parish community to enter into the full spirit of this Holy & Most Sacred Week. It can be a real moment of grace for you and your families. This weeks’s Newsletter lays out clearly all the ceremonies and masses to help us enter into this incredible drama of Salvation history. (Also on the website & Facebook) The ultimate sacrifce that Our Lord made on Good Friday was for our Salvation, to free us from the slavery of sin, and allow us to enter into the new life of grace!

AUI make an impassioned plea to all of you to share in the Sacred Triduum: Holy Thursday & the Mass of the Lord’s Supper; The Good Friday Passion of Our Lord, and the Easter Vigil. This is one continuous celebration with three different facets to it. Obviously the high point is the celebration of the Easter Vgil commencing at 7.30pm on 31st March 2018. This year there will be two receptions into the Church Samantha Gell & Lorraine Leith. Please pray them There will be a reception immediately after the Easter Vigil in the Parish Hall. If anyone would like to contribute some food for a finger buffett this would be very helpful, just drop it off at the parish hall before the Vigil commences. I really look forward to celebrating this Holy Week with you this year!

If you have never participated in the Triduum, this really is a wonderful time in the Church’s Liturgical Calandar. Or if you have not entered into the full–spirit of the Lenten Season, why not make a very special effort to join us for these three wonderful ceremonies. When we think of what Our Lord did for us, the least we can do is make a special effort to join with Him as he enters His Passion & Death, but also to rejoice with Him & in Him on his Day of Resurrection. I cannot stress enough the untold graces you will receive from God in participating in these sacred liturgies.

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