lent2As we are now well into our Holy Lenten Season, it’s important for each one of us to evaluate how we think our Lent is unfolding! The three disciplines of Lent, as we heard on Ash Wednesday – Prayer, Fasting & Almsgiving (Charity), are at the heart of this holy season. Have we put time aside each day for personal prayer, deepening our relationship with the Lord Jesus? Do we really enter into the spirit of the Mass when we attend each Sunday? Have we made an extra special effort to attend an extra mass each week, or pray the rosary, or attend Stations of the Cross? Have we really exercised restraint with food and drink, and have we fasted on Fridays? Are we conscious of those who are less fortunate than ourselves, especially during this very cold weather? Do we contribute to the Aid Agencies? Do we give time to family or friends or even the stranger who may need our help? These are all questions we can ask ourselves during Lent!

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