Dear Friends in Christ,

As we embark upon our second week of Lent. We are reminded in our Gospel that the ultimate prize of a life lived well in faith, will be eternity with God. The Apostles glimpse the future glory of Jesus, and are reassured as to who he really is, the Son of God! Learning about Jesus Christ is fundamental to being a Roman Catholic Christian. The Scriptures give us the greatest insight into the life of Christ. This Holy Season of Lent affords us the opportunity to study and pray the Scriptures; reading a short passage every day is a wonderful way of gaining in knowledge and understanding! Even the little Day-by-Day booklets are a great help.

Our Weekly attendance at the Holy Eucharist, apart from being our obligations at Catholics, is the invitation given to us by the Lord Himself, to “Do this in memory of me.” As we gather together as a Community of Faith, we bring with us all our joys and sorrows, we lay them at the Altar of the Lord and we ask him to receive us into his loving embrace. The Eucharist is the “Source and summit” of the Christian life, where earth unites with heaven in this Sacred action. To be fed and nurtured by the Body & Blood of Jesus fulfils the greatest longing of the human spirit, to be one with Christ! Lent give us this opportunity to deepen our love for the Holy Eucharist. If you get a chance during the week to pay a visit to the Blessed Sacrament, you will never be disappointed with the time you spend with the Lord.

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